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Biology WebQuest 1 - Challenge

Genes, Chromosomes & The Discovery of DNA

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Weblinks 1

The links below will help you explore the meaning of the terms genes and chromosomes. Your challenge is to explain on the WebQuest sheet what genes and chromosomes are in your own words.


More definitions:


Bill Nye video:


Genetics 101 video:



Weblinks 2

Genes and chromosomes are made from DNA. DNA is an amazing molecule that has a unique structure. Follow the links below to find out about the structure of DNA.
The link below from the BBC explores in detail the amazing structure and characteristics of DNA.


Click the link below and use the information from these two websites to sketch a piece of DNA and describe its structure.


Weblinks 3

So now you know about genes, chromosomes and the structure of DNA. Watch the videos in the links below and explain as well as you can why your DNA makes your appear in some ways like your mum and in others ways like your dad.



Watch the first minute of this video for more help.


Use this activity from GCSE Bitesize for more help.


Weblinks 4

The structure of DNA was first recognised in 1953. Visit the websites below and on your WebQuest research sheet explain how the structure of DNA was discovered.


Watch the video of one of the actual scientist telling his story about the discovery of DNA.


Weblinks 5

In the past, science has been dominated by men, and sometimes even when women were involved their efforts were not properly recognised. Thankfully, modern society is very different, and female scientists regularly make important scientific discoveries and win Nobel prizes for science. Follow the links below and on your WebQuest research sheet describe the work done in the discovery of DNA by the scientists Rosalind Franklin, Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins.




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