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Biology WebQuest 3 - Standard

The MegaStrength Suit

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Weblinks 1

What are the main parts of a human skeleton?

What different jobs does the skeleton perform?

Look through the websites below.



Weblinks 2

To allow you to move, not only do you need muscles to provide force, but you also need joints between the bones.

What exactly are joints? What are they like inside?

Visit the website below and explain on your WebQuest research sheet what joints are and how they work. A diagram might help.



Weblinks 3

Together with bones and joints, human muscles allow movement.

Muscles come in pairs – so-called ‘antagonistic pairs’ and always pull (contract). They NEVER push.

Visit the websites below and explain on your WebQuest research sheet how muscles work.



Weblinks 4

Can we keep on getting stronger and stronger, faster and faster? Or are their limits to human performance?

Watch the video clip below.

How can we measure the force of a muscle?

What do you think limits muscle strength or speed?


Weblinks 5

Engineers and scientists have been exploring ways of increasing human performance through the design and manufacture of robotic exoskeletons – suits that people wear on the outside of their bodies.

Read through the text and watch the video clips on the following websites. Explain how the development of these exoskeletons could benefit humans.



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