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Keep Your Cool – A Trip into Space

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Weblinks 1

The links below will introduce you to ceramics and their properties.

On your WebQuest research sheet say what ceramics are and list their properties.


More complex information on ceramics can be found here.


A NASA page discussing how their research led to spin-off uses of ceramics can be found here.


Weblinks 2

Polymers are another group of very important materials, and they also have unique properties.

Visit the site below, and on your research sheet say what polymers are as well as listing their properties.


More detailed information on polymers can be found here.


Weblinks 3

The third group of materials that you need to get to know is composites.

Visit the webpages below and describe the properties of composite materials on your WebQuest sheet.


More complex information on composites can be found here.


Weblinks 4

A serious problem is caused by the heating effect on the outside of space rockets and other vehicles that move at great speed through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Watch the video below on the use of ceramic tiles on the Space Shuttles. Explain on your WebQuest research sheet why the Space Shuttles get hot on re-entry, and how ceramics can help.


Another innovation in the use of ceramics in protecting space vehicles is described by NASA on this website.


Weblinks 5

Visit the website below and explain why Virgin Galactic doesn’t need to have ceramic tiles on its outside in order to stop it burning up as it returns to Earth.


Search the internet for recent news updates on why some early test flights of commercial space flights resulted in accidents and the loss of spacecraft.

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