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Keep Your Cool – A Trip into Space

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You will produce an advert for a new hi-tech start-up offering sightseeing trips into space. Wealthy clients want to be assured that the trip is completely safe, and that early problems in the design that led to some prototype ships failing have been resolved.

There are some amazing new materials that have been invented by chemists in recent years. Your task is to find out about the properties of three groups of these materials: ceramics, polymers and composites. Your advertising materials will describe how these materials are used in the construction of your space shuttle, and explain how they will protect the space shuttle and its passengers from harm.


This WebQuest guides you through key ideas concerning ceramics, polymers and composites. You will also find out about how ceramics have been used in the past to protect space vehicles. Finally, you’ll find out about Richard Branson’s latest venture: Virgin Galactic.

When you've completed your WebQuest research, your teacher will ask you to create an advert that offers people the chance of a sightseeing trip into space. Your challenge is not only to sell them a ticket, but also to explain how the materials used to create your spaceship will ensure that they are completely safe. You could include information on mechanical problems that led to failures in some test flights:

Click here to download a PDF copy of the WebQuest research template. Print it out and record your findings and ideas.

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