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The Periodic Table

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Weblinks 1

The periodic table is a way of sorting elements based on their properties. There are approximately 118 known elements that occur either naturally or have been synthesised by scientists in a laboratory.

Use the following web links to describe what are atoms, elements and compounds. You should include a labelled diagram of an atom and describe the mass and charge on each subatomic particle.





Weblinks 2

Visit the websites below and identify metals and non-metals on your copy of the periodic table. Describe the general properties of metals and non-metals.

Metalloids are also called semi-metals. What exactly are metalloids, and why are they described as semi-metals?





Weblinks 3

The periodic table is a very clever system for organising elements.

Use this web link to summarise the rules for writing down chemical symbols – when are letters written as CAPITALS and when are they written in lower case?


Use the information found on the websites below to research where groups and periods are found on the periodic table.

Show how you can describe the number of orbitals an element has, and the number of electrons occupying the outer shell, by using the elements potassium and chlorine as examples.

What are unusual about hydrogen and helium?





Weblinks 4

Dmitri Mendeleev is known as ‘the father of the periodic table’. Use the links below to summarize Mendeleev’s life and his contribution to the organisation of the modern periodic table. Why did he leave blank spaces in his original table?





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