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The Periodic Table

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Most science labs have a periodic table proudly displayed on one of their walls. They look nice and sciencey!

But what exactly is a periodic table? Why is it useful and how did somebody work out how to arrange all of the elements in such a pattern?

In this WebQuest, you will explore the modern periodic table and describe how the elements are organised within it. You will find out about the life and work of the scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, and you will explain why he is known as ‘the father of the periodic table’.


This WebQuest guides you through key ideas about atoms and elements and the arrangement of the periodic table. When you've completed your WebQuest research, your teacher will ask you to produce a guide to the periodic table. This will explain what it is, why it is so useful and also information about how the structure of the table was worked out.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the WebQuest research template. Print it out and record your findings and ideas.

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