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Eugene Houdry founded his own company called Oxy-Catalyst. He did this because he recognised the negative effects that smoke stacks and cars were having on air pollution. His company demonstrated how the problem could be reduced in a practical way.

To find out more about Eugene Houdry follow this web link:

Your task is to write a letter to the Royal Society of Chemistry recommending Eugene Houdry be awarded an Honour in recognition of his work.

Some things to include in your letter are:

  • A description of what a catalyst is and why they are used.
  • What happens inside a catalytic convertor.
  • What the consequences would be if vehicles were not fitted with catalytic convertors.
  • Justifications for why Eugene Houdry should be awarded an Honour.
  • Symbol equations to describe the chemical reactions.
  • How the catalytic convertor is designed to maximise efficiency.
  • Why only small amounts of catalyst are required.

Use your ACE Level Ladder to help you plan and undertake your task. Click here to download a PDF copy of the ACE Level Ladder.



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