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I Spy with My Bionic Eye

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Weblinks 1

What exactly is light?

Describe on your WebQuest research sheet what light is, including some of light’s key properties.

This BBC webpage gives an overview of key points.


More information on light can be found here.


This BBC video contains some very useful information.



Weblinks 2 

We can improve vision through the use of lenses, which can be concave or convex.

Visit the websites below and use the information to explain on your WebQuest research sheet how convex lenses work.




This BBC video is helpful.



Weblinks 3

The eye is an organ that has evolved to collect light rays and focus them onto a layer of light sensitive cells in the retina to allow sharp images of our environment to be relayed to our brain.

Visit the website below and watch the linked video. 

Explain as fully as you can how the eye works on your WebQuest research sheet. A labelled diagram may help.



Cyberphysics’ GCSE website may interest you with its extra detail. 



Weblinks 4 

Cameras are our attempt as engineers to create machines that do the same job as eyes.

Visit the links below and describe on your WebQuest research sheet how cameras work.

Can you highlight similarities and differences between cameras and eyes?



There are lots of extra details on how cameras work here.



Weblinks 5 

Scientists, engineers and surgeons have been working together to develop ‘bionic vision’ for people whose sight has been damaged by disease.

Read the articles and watch the videos in the web links below.

Describe in as much detail as you can how the bionic eye implants work.

An article in the Daily Telegraph is here. 


Two useful links to American news sites are below.



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