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The Fool on the Hill

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Weblinks 1

Work through the animation below.

Why do we have ‘daytime’ and ‘night-time’?

Why does it take 24 hours for the cycle to take place?


Try changing the time of the day in the animation on the website below.


This video gives a helpful summary.


Weblinks 2

Many people in the UK love the long days of summer and dislike the short days of winter when it seems to be dark most of the time.

Why does day length change through the year?

Put in a date and see how the length of the day changes.


Watch the video below to help you understand.



Weblinks 3

The orbit of the Earth around the sun also explains why we have seasons.

Try to explain on your WebQuest research sheet why we have a summer and a winter by describing the orbit of the Earth around the sun, and be saying why the tilt of the Earth matters so much.

This website gives you some basic detail.


This BrainPOP™ animation is great.


This animation is also very useful.



Weblinks 4

Read through the webpage below. Can you explain why it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere?



Weblinks 5

Why is a year 365 days long, and why is a day 24 hours long?

Click through the animation below.


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