GCSE Grade Boosters D to C Chemistry, Physics and Biology

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GCSE Grade Booster D to C

Suitable for Core, Additional and Triple Science

Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt

Focussed on turning potential D grades into C’s, these titles provide you with the tools, ideas and activities to get your pupils on track to success.

A wide range of activities to make the topics covered memorable. Activities can be used for class, group, pair and homework tasks

Support for exam preparation including a distillation of examiners reports to pinpoint common errors and show how easily marks are lost and gained

Revision and memory techniques that have been shown to work

Key content knowledge to ensure pupils understand what’s needed for a grade C and above

Suitable for AQA, Excel and OCR B core, additional and triple Science.


70 page photocopiable books with accompanying CD-ROM.

To ensure the students cover all the necessary knowledge and science skills to pass the exam, the books are divided into four sections

Knowledge Boosters

Concept Boosters

Experiment Boosters

Argument Boosters.

Each section is made up of activities which are content specific, to ensure students are up to speed on what they need to know, understand and can do. The final section is an editable activity that the teachers or students can design themselves on any topic to ensure they fully understand what’s needed to gain that important pass mark.

Series Author: Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt is an international education advisor, specialising in school based assessment. He is the author of the successful Badger Science Assessment for Learning Key Stage 3 and 4 resources. He was an AST and is a teaching and research fellow at the University of Sussex.

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GCSE Grade Boosters D to C: Biology

GCSE Grade Boosters D to C: Chemistry

GCSE Grade Boosters D to C: Physics

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